Wooden Castle Bunk Bed with Slide and Bedroom Set

by admin

As someone with experience of being a little boy, I can vouch for the fact that little boys adore themes related to castles and forts. This is why I like this wooden castle bunk bed with slide that also comes with an optional bedroom set. The majority of male toddlers like to play with toy swords and guns as well as chase one another over the furniture and through the house. With this sturdy castle bunk bed with slide, there is a ready made playing arena especially designed with such activities in mind.

It’s main function will always be as a bed and sleeping area but combing a bunk bed with a play area is a great money and space saver and can indeed help in getting children to bed at night. When you have the chance to climb into an impressive castle and survey the ground far beneath you, the temptation to go to bed on time is great. The bunk bed with slide seen in the picture is crafted from the finest Birch hardwood and veneers. A decorative castle theme bed kit comes included with the package.

Safety is always a consideration in most parent’s minds when it comes to kid’s furniture. Rest assured for this wooden castle twin bunk bed adheres to federal regulation standards and is equipped with sturdy safety rails which prevent a child from falling out of the top bunk when asleep. As well as this, the ladder’s handrail and grooved steps provide extra grip and security for excited or sleepy children.

As the title suggests, this wooden castle bunk bed with slide comes with an optional choice of bedroom furniture and accessories. These are noted in more detail on the product page of this particular bed but include such items as luxury mattresses, finials, cushions, dressers, chests and additional night stands, not to mention a homework desk. For a little boy who wants to impress his visiting friends and feel like the king of his castle or the top knight of the realm, then this impressive castle themed wooden bunk bed with slide will be ideal.